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Check out these awesome Xbox cakes! More »

Now it’s time for Batman to turn to LEGO style. In the game LEGO Batman: The Video Game, we can see the characters all turning to LEGO version. Of course, the coolest among them all would have to Batman. More »

Check out some awesome Nintendo Cakes! More »

Has anyone played The Walking Dead game? I haven’t yet, but I hope I will soon be able to. More »

This voice blog features Batman’s archenemy Joker! However, Joker is not just your average clown dressed up man. He has now turned to LEGO style! More »

Letter Star is a word game in King.com (again). More »

Jetpack Joyride is an arcade game, which I found in the App Store. The game is really fun to play especially with the awesome graphics and sounds effects that adds interest into playing the game. The mission of the game is simple: just do the objectives and you get money to spend on some utilities. More »

Few weeks ago I found my old Nintendo and I was so excited! Wanted to play so bad!! Super Mario!! <3 More »

Gamers love to game, but they can always enjoy these awesome snacks while they do it! More »

If you love the Major League Baseball (MLB), then I am sure you will love this game MLB Power Pros. The reason why i played this game is because I love watching baseball games and I would always root for New York Yankees to win. Anyways, I bought this game and played for hours and hours in each day. The game is pretty fun and is lot alike the real baseball game, well except you control your the player in it. More »

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